Contest Entry Form

Contest Entry Form

Tenth Annual Summer Scribbles

Youth Writing & Poetry Contest

Sponsored by the Grove City Writers’ Group and the Friends of the Library
in conjunction with the Southwest Public Libraries.

Please complete one form for each submission and return with your written work to the Westland or Grove City branch of Southwest Public Libraries by July 31, 2019 at 9 p.m. See Rules page for contest details.


Name: _______________________________________


Address: ________________________________________________________________


City___________________ ZIP CODE


Phone Number: (Home)_______________________ (cell)____________________


Grade and School: _______________________________________________________


Title of work: ___________________________________________________________

Please circle submission Division and Category:

6/7/8th Grade:   Fiction      Poetry       Shawn Hannon Memorial Essay        Breck Prize for History

High School:      Fiction       Poetry       Shawn Hannon Memorial Essay       Breck Prize for History

Parent/Guardian signature required for all contestants:

Adult Name: ___________________________
Adult Phone: ___________________

Entrant’s or parent’s email _______________________________



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