Summer Scribbles Contest Poetry Rules

Summer Scribbles Poetry Rules 2018

  1. Poetry Submission Guidelines:

The Summer Scribbles Poetry Contest is open to all students enrolled in grades 6-8 and 9-12 and who live within the South-Western City School District, including home schooled, private school, charter school, parochial school and tutored children.

Each entrant may submit one poem of no more than 30 lines on any subject, and in any form, provided that the content of the poem is not vulgar or offensive; does not employ profanity, and is the original, individual work of the entrant. If so desired, you may begin by saying “What if….”

Type poem in a Word document single spaced in standard format with no embellishments. Do not put your name on the poem, only on the entry form and attach to poem. All judging is blind.

Poems are judged based on originality, creativity, and artistic quality. Poems not meeting the requirements for line limitation are automatically disqualified. Poems containing profanity, vulgarity or offensive material are automatically disqualified.

Prizes: 1st and runner-up place winners are selected in each of two divisions. Division 1 – Grades 6-8 and Division 2 – Grades 9-12.

Each winner will receive a cash prize. First prize: $100, Runner-up prize $50.

If the entries in this category are determined by the judges not to have sufficient merit, the judges may elect not to award prizes in this category. The decision of the judges is final. For further information, email: Diane Kinser at



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